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FOX Bet Personalities


FOX Bet is the new home for sports betting, offering a wide range of wagers throughout the year on football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf.


Whether you’re looking for money lines, spreads, totals, first half lines, second half lines, props, or team and player futures, FOX Bet is the place to be for online sports betting. FOX Bet also has tons of betting promotions from our exclusive roster of experts.

FOX Bet is the only place to get sports betting advice from Cris Carter, Rachel Bonnetta, Nick Wright, Cousin Sal, Colin Cowherd, Clay Travis, and Charissa Thompson. These experts deliver insightful picks, and FOX Bet offers special incentives to follow those bets.

With Cris Carter's Call, the legendary wide receiver looks at the Monday Night game from every possible angle—spreads, money lines, custom bets—to find the best value play. In addition to receiving Carter's thoughtful analysis, FOX Bet also boosts the odds on his bet so that you can win big.

Rachel Bonnetta is the host of LOCK IT IN on FOX Sports, and each Tuesday, she delivers Rachel's Double Up Bet Boost exclusively on FOX Bet. Bonnetta looks through all the available bet options to find one play that is worth your while. The best part is that FOX Bet doubles the odds on Rachel's Double Up Bet Boost to increase the winning payout.

The Wright Bet Boost is a special bet from Nick Wright. Each Wednesday, Wright uses all of his knowledge and insight to come up with a special parlay of the day. FOX Bet makes the bet even more attractive by boosting the odds to help boost your earnings.

Renowned sports betting expert Cousin Sal has you covered each Thursday with Cousin Sal's Money Back Special. Cousin Sal develops his own Custom Bet with customized odds from FOX Bet. You can be confident following Cousin Sal's picks because even if his bet loses, you get up to $25 back as a free bet.

The LOCK IT IN Bet Boost brings together all the talented hosts from the show—Rachel Bonnetta, Cousin Sal, and Clay Travis. They use their combined expertise to identify the best parlay each Friday. If that insight isn't enough to get you in on the action, FOX Best also boosts the odds on their pick.

Colin Cowherd is behind two of FOX Bet's betting promos—the Marquee 3 Super Boost and the Blazin 5 Super Boost. With the Marquee 3, Cowherd picks three college football teams to win against the spread each Saturday. If Cowherd goes 3-for-3 with his Marquee 3 parlay, bettors win big thanks to boosted odds. With the Blazin 5, Cowherd picks five NFL teams to win against the spread each Sunday. If he is right on three of his five picks, bettors who follow his action will double their money.

The Clay Travis Blood Bank is Saturday's featured Bet Boost. Travis is so confident in his picks that he'd bet a pint of his own blood, and FOX Bet is so confident in Clay that the odds on his Blood Bank pick are boosted so that there is more potential to win big.

Charissa Thompson's Custom Bet Boost comes out every Sunday. Thompson develops her own custom bet that goes up on FOX Bet with boosted odds.

The FOX Bet promotions don't stop there. As part of FOX Bet's Welcome Offer, you can receive $20 in free bets just for signing up. And when you make your first deposit, FOX Bet will match it with free cash up to $100 for betting with no restrictions. And each day, FOX Bet will post all kinds of Bet Boosts and Custom Bets that give you even more reason to get in on the sports betting action.